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what is a rugg, cmg and hipps code?

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Jan 3, 2010 … systems that use HIPPS codes, clinical assessment data is the basic … Medicare
and other payers these RUG-IVs are represented as the first …. The second, third,
fourth and fifth positions of the code represent the CMG itself.

CMS Manual System

I. SUMMARY OF CHANGES: This instruction contains new HIPPS codes … new
HIPPS codes resulting from the conversion to the new RUG-IV coding system.

CMS Manual System

Jan 3, 2011 … providers shall ensure that each HIPPS code reported on the claim are ….
Revenue Code 0024 line containing CMG A9999 and, instead of inputting the …..
code contain the RUG group and the last two positions of the code …

Revised Instructions for Reporting Assessment Dates – CMS

Dec 7, 2012 … on the CMS … Note: For
IRFs, for a revenue code 0024 line containing case mix grouper (CMG) …
occurrence code 50 needs to be reported for 2 (two) HIPPS code lines …

R714PI [PDF, 1MB] – CMS

May 12, 2017 … identifies (1) RUG-III group the beneficiary was classified into as of the RAI … The
HIPPS code (CMG Code) for IRF PPS identifies the clinical …

(ICD-10) End-to-End Testing –

Jun 9, 2015 … It is not intended to take the place of either the written law …. can the Case-Mix
Group (CMG) or Resource Utilization Group (RUG) code be … claim with a valid
Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS) code will.

CMS Manual System

Aug 10, 2009 … NOTE: The Hospice uses revenue code 0657 to identify its charges for services
furnished to patients by … Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS
) … SNF PPS (RUG) … IRF PPS (Case-Mix Groups (CMG)).

Revenue Code Requirements (Medicaid)

Mar 31, 2007 … HCPCS (or Rate for IP) Req … The Revenue Code descriptions and code ranges
are subject to … SNF PPS (RUG). NA … REHAB PPS (CMG).

Transmittal R1483OTN –

Mar 31, 2015 … specific "No documentation" reason code for Medicare Administrative Contractors
to ….. (APCs), HIPPS code for SNFs (RUG/AIs), HHAs.

CMS Manual System –

Feb 15, 2013 … code. This three digit RUG code, coupled with the two-digit AI code makes up the
HIPPS code, which determines the payment rate under SNF …