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CMS Manual System –

Jun 11, 2007 … Subject: National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) Update to Chapter … from
bill type numbers, correction of a typo in condition code 6, and …

(NUBC) Condition Code “53” –

Jul 6, 2015 … Implementation of New National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) … Change
Request (CR) 8961 implements Condition Code "53" (Initial …

CMS Manual System

Apr 1, 2004 … Form Locator (FL)s 32-35 Occurrence Codes and Dates … A. Background: The
National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) has approved the.

Medicare Claims Processing Manual chapter 25 – CMS

(NUBC) maintains lists of approved coding for the form. Medicare Administrative
…. FL35 Occurrence Span Code/From/Through a AN/N/N 2/6/6. 1/1/1.

MM7677 – CMS

Feb 6, 2012 … New Hospice Condition Code for Out of Service Area Discharges … Additionally,
you must begin to use the new NUBC condition code 52 to …

MLN Matters article 7792 –

May 31, 2012 … Billing Committee (NUBC) approved a new occurrence code to report date of
death with an effective/ implementation date of October 1, 2012.

MM8413 – CMS

Committee (NUBC) payer only codes to the “Medicare Claims Processing
Manual,” … The NUBC designates various series within the Condition,
Occurrence, …

Long Term Care Service Billing Requirements and Coding

May 18, 2016 … available Revenue Codes can be found in the NUBC UB-04 Official Data … non-
covered occurrence span code 74 with the appropriate LOA …

Change Request 7677 –

Jul 1, 2012 … Additionally, hospices must begin to use the new NUBC condition code to
indicate a discharge due to the patient's unavailability/inability to …

(CMS-1450) (UB-04) –

QUAL. LAST. LAST. National Uniform. Billing Committee. NUBC™.

OWCP-04 – United States Department of Labor

QUAL. LAST. LAST. National Uniform. Billing Committee. NUBC™.

ND Health Enterprise MMIS UB-04 Claim Form Instructions

Sep 1, 2016 … Reserved for assignment by the NUBC. 8a. Not Required. Patient Name …
Condition Codes: Enter conditions or events relating to this claim. 29.

Mississippi Inpatient Outpatient Data System User's Manual

Authority-Mississippi Code Annotated § 41-63-4 requires certain licensed health
care … establish a registry program concerning the condition and treatment of ….
NUBC. FL. Patient ZIP code/Zip Plus4. The ZIP code where the patient resides.

R –

Statement Covers Period THROUGH date (Block No. 6). Value must be 01-99. 18
-28. Condition Codes O. Inpatient and Outpatient: Required when applicable.

Technical Assistance Conference Call – HRSA/rhcclaims5010.pdf

Taxonomy code for RHC = 261QR1300X. 3 … UB04) and CMS manual 100-4 Ch
9 (RHC claims) … FL 31 – 34 = Occurrence code & date = situational.

healthcare cost and utilization project — hcup – AHRQ

Jan 14, 2014 … Appendix III: NEDS Data Elements and Codes . ….. October 1, 2007 to June 30,
2010), or condition code of P7 (NUBC preferred coding for.

General Billing – Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

On an electronic HIPAA 837 Institutional claim, where revenue codes require a
corresponding … Idaho Medicaid allows twenty-four (24) condition codes on an
electronic …. Desired. Use one (1) of the codes listed in the NUBC billing manual.

HCBS – E & D – State of Tennessee

Oct 29, 2007 … 1) Select UB04 Claim submission from the top menu or click on the … 2) Enter the
Occurrence Code (required for physician recertification date).

Data Element Specifications Guide – West Virginia Health Care …

Admit from Emergency Room Condition Code . …… TYPEAD. Format & Valid
Codes Submit valid codes per NUBC Official UB-04 Data Specifications. Edit