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lsiting of revenue codes that do not require hcpcs codes

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CMS Manual System

manual to add existing provider range 4900 – 4999 in the list of applicable
provider ranges for ….. Revenue code 250 does not require HCPCS coding.
However …

CMS Manual System –

May 21, 2010 … payers may require other codes, and while Medicare does not use them, they …
To assist in bill review, the provider must list revenue codes in ascending ….
revenue center code, a HCPCS procedure code, where the provider …

Medicare Claims Processing Manual – CMS

40.2.2 – Payment Requirements for Test Procedures (HCPCS Codes 64585,.
64590 and …. 280.3 – Types of Bill (TOB) and Revenue Codes. 280.4 – Payment
… 360.3.2 – Model Letter to Nonparticipating Hospital That Did Not Elect to …..
ICD-9 code from the approved list of diagnosis codes maintained by the

Revenue Codes Exempt from the Procedure Code Requirement for …

… certain revenue codes are exempt from the policy requiring all revenue codes
to … reinstates the complete exempt revenue code list published in the July 2010
… that did not include a corresponding HCPCS or CPT procedure code may …

(OHA) revenue codes –

CPT/HCPCS code required …. Other Special Charges – This Revenue Center
Code is authorized only for …. Evaluations do not require prior authorization.

Download – (L&I), Washington State

Jul 1, 2015 … Where can you find help with L&I billing procedures? ….. Revenue Codes
Requiring CPT/HCPCS Codes on Outpatient Bills ……………………………………………
18 ….. Not Defined Elsewhere in this Codes List. 81 = Discharged to …

UB-04 Billing Guide – Mass.Gov

Enter the code from the list of occurrence codes listed in the Code Sets for the …
Do not include revenue codes for room-and-board charges incurred on the day of
…. If the revenue code entered in Field 42 requires a HCPCS code, refer to.

section 6 revenue codes – outpatient hospital facility –

Only the revenue codes listed below are recognized on the outpatient hospital
claim as facility revenue codes. Do not list both a facility code and a CPT/HCPCS

Section 4 of the SCDHHS Hospital –

codes by outpatient reimbursement levels can be found at … Revenue Codes
That Do Not Require Procedure Codes with Fee Schedule. Amounts. 300.

section 12 frequently asked questions –

How does a provider submit an inpatient claim that requires a two-page claim for
all the services? ….. Do not list a CPT procedure code with this revenue code.

835 Error Codes List – Utah Medicaid

Procedure code and/or date on claim does not match any prior authorization in
system. … Line added, requires prior authorization, different code than prior
authorization. 2 … Revenue code must be billed with correct CPT-4 procedure
code. 2.

UB04 Billing Guide – Inpatient Hospitals 01-30-2017 – Pennsylvania …

Jan 30, 2017 … each revenue code claim line submitted on the approved claim. 5. Federal Tax.
Number. LB. Do not complete this Form Locator. 6. Statement …

Home Health Billing Manual –

Paper claims do not require an NPI, but do require the Colorado Medical …..
client is not currently enrolled in a waiver program or is on the wait-list for a
waiver program … The following table identifies the only valid revenue codes for
billing Home Health services to the ….. Home Health LPN visit: Use only HCPCS

APG Provider Manual – New York State Department of Health

Aug 1, 2012 … 4.19 “If Stand Alone, Do Not Pay” APGs… … 4.22 Specialty Rate Codes Not
Subject to APGs… ….. (518) 474-1745 Rate Setting Issues – Bureau of Cost and
Revenue Solutions … the CPT/HCPCS codes reported on the Medicaid claim. ….
In the APG classification system, the patient is described by a list of …

to view the final policy. – Department of Vermont Health Access

Nov 10, 2014 … Addition of revenue codes added to the “Packaged Revenue Code” list … When
HCPCS codes that meet the criteria for payment of the composite APC … Used to
indicate partial reduction or discontinuation of a procedure that does not …
Medicare starting requiring a single code (G0463) for the facility fee.

ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions Send your ICD-10 questions to …

Oct 30, 2015 … A: Do not enter any decimals within the ICD-10 diagnosis code … Current
Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes will continue to be … A: If billing an
Inpatient Services UB-claim with revenue code 360 …. only list the primary DX
Rel1 or specified diagnosis code. …. Will dental claims require ICD-10 codes?

Common Adjustment Reasons and Remark Codes –

A complete list of the HIPAA compliant CARCs are available at: A complete list of
… 157-Contract Term requires Specialty Code not found on provider WARN
Provider requires a specialty code …. 524-CPT codes billed include bundled and
unbundled CPTs … 313-Covered days do not match accommodation rev code

Chapter 510 – West Virginia Department of Health and Human …

May 1, 2005 … DISCLAIMER: This manual does not address all the complexities of … The
selected surgeries that require prior authorization through the … Enhanced
Extracorporeal Counterpulsation (EECP), Stretta, and Cosmetic Surgery to the list
of ….. CPT codes just as for outpatient services rendered in any other …

Revenue Center Codes – HUSKY Health

Feb 6, 2014 … RE: Revenue Center Codes (RCC) Requiring a Valid CPT or HCPCS Procedure
Code on … Department policies does not change with the.

illinois workers' compensation commission medical fee schedule …

HCPCS Level II, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for
Medicare … The fee schedule amounts listed do not include charges for radiology
, …. conditions without requiring an appointment; or during its previous calendar
… These revenue codes will not be covered under the DRG fee schedule amount.